New Year Brand You Executive Session Giveaway!

New Year. Brand YOU! One inspiring #CSuiteExecutive will win a FREE C-Suite Executive Session ($650 value)!

Need the questions? Find them here:

  1. What is your "day job"?
  2. Who were your heroes, or mentors?
  3. When did you decide you were a _________, that this would be your journey?
  4. If you weren't in your current career, what would life look like?
  5. I am happy to have learned early that "You don't have to make the mistake to learn from it." What is the toughest lesson you've learned, that you hope another woman can learn from you?
  6. If you had it all to do over again, would you do anything differently?
  7. What do you do for you that brings you absolute joy or peace?
  8. What would you like your epitaph to be?
  9. If you only had one word, what is it that you want people to remember about you?
  10. Is there anything else you wish I'd asked you?

To be eligible to win, complete the form below, or email your responses to our Inside The Office interview questions to no later than January 1, 2016 at 11:59pm.

Then, share our 2016 Inside The Office magazine between now and January 1 on FacebookLinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

Your name will be entered once for each platform on which you share our magazine.

Contest Rules:

Must submit interview responses for publication and share Inside The Office magazine to at least one social media platform to win.
Winner will be announced 1/2/2016!
Free C-Suite Executive Session must be held January 28-29, 2016 at our scheduled Washington, DC C-Suite Pics location.

All contestants are eligible to have one (1) free digital image added to any C-Suite Pics package purchased before March 31, 2017.

If you would prefer to complete and submit the questions online, you can do so using the form below!

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