Introducing 'Inside the Office'!

At C-Suite Pics, we don’t have to wait for Christmas Day to receive amazing gifts.  We are gifted throughout the year with amazing corporate and entrepreneur clients!  These women are executives, chefs, small business owners, corporate consultants, and authors.  They are also mothers, daughters, community activists, and overcomers.


Our brand promise is “Where What You Do Meets Who You Are.  Beautifully.”  We strive to achieve that vision in every image we create.

In the spirit of multiple gifts, we are excited to launch a new interview series -- Inside the Office -- through our gift to you, 12 Days of C-Suite Chicks!  And, following this series, we will continue to highlight one of our amazing clients each month on our blog! 

The powerful, dynamic women we are privileged to capture have taken some time and allowed us into their inner space, to talk a bit about their lives, inspirations, and legacy goals. We had so many amazing interviews already, it was challenging to select the first 12 -- there are definitely more interesting, inspiring, and fabulous interviews in the pipeline!

With the help of Janis Kearney, journalist, author, publisher, and former Presidential Diarist for President Bill Clinton, we created a set of questions for each client to answer.  These questions were designed to help us get a snapshot view of who each amazing person is, and to help inspire those who read about them.

We are delighted to introduce these marvelous women to you, during our special series, 12 Days of C-Suite Chicks!  Over the course of the next 12 days, you will meet 12 amazing, strong and fascinating women, like Mollie Jackson, the vivacious Executive Director of the President’s RoundTable, and Janetta Kearney, a successful attorney working as an Education Rights Professional.  You’ll read stories of heroes and mentors who have inspired and supported these women, such as Adis Villa’s mom who overcame barriers to provide for her family, and taught her daughter to do the same, and advocate for others.  And then there is Christella Spry, who finds encouragement and inspiration from her sisters after the loss of her mother.  You’ll read of college professors, high school principals, and even Biblical characters who have been role models, heroes and mentors to our clients.  We think you will thoroughly enjoy these stories!

So, we invite you to join us over the next 12 days.  Take a few minutes from your day to be encouraged by these 12 women who have welcomed us into their lives.  And then we invite you to look inside your own life and examine what has inspired you, and how you can share that with others.  We would love to hear what you discover!  We welcome you to send us YOUR answers to our interview questions--we want to meet YOU, too!  And if you do, you will receive a chance to win one of our free C-Suite Executive Sessions*!

Thank you to each C-Suite Chick who took the time to welcome us and to answer our questions.  We are grateful for you!  And thank you, dear readers--we hope that you, too, will find the inspiration in your own lives, and be encouraged to inspire others as we start a fabulous New Year!

*To be redeemed, free Executive Session must be scheduled within 30 miles of Washington, DC, no later than 60 days from date of winning announcement.