Lydia Carlis | Principal Photographer       Image by DFinney Photography + Design

        Lydia Carlis | Principal Photographer
     Image by DFinney Photography + Design


I am an artist and scientist, teacher and learner. My introduction to photography was in a darkroom a few decades ago, but since I picked up my first digital camera in 2007 (a Nikon, if you're wondering), my camera is my second favorite accessory -- right behind a fabulous statement necklace, of course!

I founded Eyemagination Imaging in 2009, offering lifestyle photography. I feel privileged to use my gift for photography to literally capture and preserve time for the interesting, diverse, talented, brilliant individuals, families and organizations with whom I’m blessed to work. My tagline has always been “From personal to professional, eyemagine your best you”. A wonderful conference with which I'm affiliated, Flourish Conference for Women in Leadership, showed me just how prescient my tagline had been, and C-Suite Pics® was born.

C-Suite Pics®

At the 2014 Cleveland Flourish Conference for Women in Leadership, I was so inspired by the stories of the keynote and executive chat speakers whose sessions I captured. When I went online to learn more about these dynamic executives, I saw beautiful women, flawless makeup, fantastic lighting, and boring backgrounds that looked identical across professionals. And that was IF these high-powered women even had a professional head shot. Because I attend quite a few conferences for my education research work, I eyemagined that I could get great on-location portraits of these women in much less time than it takes to go to a studio. 

Working with conferences, businesses, and individual executives and entrepreneurs, C-Suite Pics® captures corporate and nonprofit events, and professional, dynamic “head shots”, in beautiful, noteworthy locations to help you -- busy executives -- better communicate your unique brand.

Let us help #BrandYouBeautiful!

Personal Pics

When I'm not capturing beautiful personal moments for couples or families, exciting events, or powerful executive and entrepreneurial leaders, you'll still find me with my camera in hand! Whether it be preserving the history of my family or church, capturing the majesty of a new international location and its beautiful people,  or sitting on the sidelines of my daughter's soccer games, I believe photography is the gift and art of captured time.